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Serving Papers on Holidays

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

"With the holiday season coming to a close there's been a lot of chatter about process servers working on holidays, particularly on Christmas and Christmas Eve. News of altercations resulting from Christmas Eve serves has brought many professionals to social media sites in an effort to share their opinions. We've gathered information from various channels and summarized what we've read to share what your colleagues think."

WI Process is closed during most major holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Serving on a major holiday can seem very insensitive to families. We choose not to if we can avoid it. If service is required on a specific day that falls on a major holiday, additional rates may apply. We also respect out of state rules regarding service. For example: Some states like Texas, do not allow service on Sunday without a judge's order. However, Wisconsin does allow Sunday service therefore we do serve generally on Sundays, however we do not guarantee Sunday service broadly. Please contact us if your situation falls into this scenario and we are happy to discuss your specific needs!

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