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Process Server Confrontations

Let's face it. Nobody wants bad news. Some are expecting legal documents to be served upon them, many are not. When a Process Server comes knocking at your door, the common misconception is that we know about your case, are a party to your case in some way, or we feel good about delivering you bad news. This is even more challenging during a difficult time in our world where many people are facing financial, legal and other problems due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The fact is, Process Servers just deliver the documents. We are literally, just the messenger. We do not enjoy giving bad news. We are ensuring your right to Due Process is fulfilled by getting critical legal documents to you, giving you a chance to respond. The right to Due Process should never be suppressed. Without Due Process, could you imagine a world where someone could sue you without being given the opportunity to know who, what, where, how and when respond? Avoiding a Process Server will likely do no good for your case. There are many alternate means of effecting service through posting, publishing, etc. Avoiding a Process Server just delays the process, but does not make it go away.

With all that said, confrontations at times can lead to dangerous situations for Process Servers because of this lack of understanding in what Process Servers do, and why they are at your door. While 95% of service attempts are unremarkable, at WI Process, we use Professional Communication Skills to communicate with our clients, plaintiffs and defendants. We remain situationally aware at all times of our surroundings, and aim for efficient and effective service. When defendants become confrontational, we practice de-escalation skills to diffuse and retreat from the situation and call reinforcements as a last resort. Experience tells us that most people are not really angry at us, but the situation. Experience is why you should trust a Process Service like WI Process to get the job done right, and safely.

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